We believe in a simple and targeted approach to asset management. Our goal is capital preservation and a productive income stream.

Capital Preservation:
Capital preservation is our main focus. We maintain strong relationships with our tenants and maintain our properties safe and attractive for existing and prospective tenants. In addition, our vendors are well equipped to help us respond quickly to service requests, so tenants can expect prompt and responsive service. Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Income Production:
In addition to performing accounting functions such as rent projections, operating expenses and owner distributions, staff prepares detailed CAM reconciliations backed by full documentation, enabling us to properly invoice tenants for operating costs without dispute. We apply our expertise to proactively collecting rent from tenants and are personally involved in doing whatever is necessary to collect rent. We also take advantage of economies of scale by using our portfolio to negotiate superior terms with vendors and achieve internal efficiencies.

In today's economic environment, capital preservation and income production are the central concerns of real estate investors, period.